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    Caring for your jewellery

    Your jewellery reflects your good taste and individual style and should be handled with care. To keep your jewellery looking beautiful, take it off when engaging in strenuous activities (yes, that includes gardening!). Diamonds, followed by rubies and sapphires, are the hardest stones and well suited for jewellery that is worn every day. On the...
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    Join our Diamond Workshop

    Join us for our Diamond Workshop. Immerse yourself in the incredible world of diamonds for a day. ...
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    How to choose the diamond shape that is right for you

    By now we know all about the 4 C’s, but how does one go about choosing the diamond that is right for you?...
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    The importance of a recognized diamond certificate

    Because diamonds are so rare and unique, it is inevitable that they will be subjected to rumours. (They are like the most popular girl in school, making those around her wonder how she got to be so perfect and beautiful.)...
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    Latest Prima Lux Advert

    Our latest Prima Lux advertisement. When it comes to eternal love there is no compromise. Spoil your loved one with the finest jewellery at the best price in the heart of Cullinan....